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Spell Bound Wax Melts

Spell Bound Wax Melts

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Spell bound wax melts scented 

Indulge in the alluring aroma of Spell Bound Wax Melts, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your home decor. 


Key Features:

- Heavenly blend of scents, including peach, grapefruit, apple, cherry blossom and hydrangea

- Infused with the subtle sweetness of vanilla 

- Provides long-lasting fragrance 

- Perfect for use in any room 


With its captivating fragrance and long-lasting scent release capabilities, these wax melts are an ideal addition to any home. The enticing combination of fruity and floral notes creates a delightful ambiance that will leave you feeling spellbound. 


So go ahead and light up these wax melts to add a charming touch to your living space or bedroom. The enchanting scent will linger for hours on end while the aroma fills your senses with delight.


Say goodbye to bland spaces with Spell Bound Wax Melts!